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The May September Plan

Unique retirement plan solves challenges that spouses with a considerable age difference face, especially when step-children are involved.

It’s the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.

“Who will have to make the biggest sacrifice?”

Will the older spouse need to forgo an abundant retirement to save for the younger spouse to have theirs?

Or, will the younger spouse be left destitute and without care?

And, will the children’s inheritance be diminished and delayed for years, maybe decades?

At ILG Private Wealth, you will discover which of the 100+ proprietary strategies will ensure that everyone is well cared for, and more importantly, knows exactly what the plan is for their individual futures.

For example: You may need $500,000 annually plus 6% increase each year to maintain your current retirement. That’s possible. You also want your wife to have that same income for the rest of her life regardless of how long she lives while protecting her from being taken advantage of by a unscrupulous suitor. That’s possible. You also want to leave a great inheritance to your 5 children. No problem.

We have a comprehensive coordinated solution that addresses all of your needs and concerns called the May-September retirement planning process. The goal is simple: Unite the entire family and remove the tension that comes from uncertainty.

To start your May-September plan, schedule a no-obligation consultation to see how a custom tailored solution can help unify your family by adding clarity