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Our clients range from Professional Service Companies (such as law firms, medical practices, real estate brokerages) to Professional Athletes to Successful Family businesses to individuals that have “suddenly” received a significant infusion of wealth due to reasons such as inheritance, divorce, personal injury, retirement benefits or a legal settlement.

Portfolio Management

A family's Portfolio Of Assets is comprised of much more than a family's investments. It includes the family business, primary and vacation homes, investment properties, insurance policies, private equities, and traditional investments. Managing your Portfolio Of Assets begins with developing an all-encompassing relationship with you; a true Partnership. Learning about your business, family, philanthropic intents, retirement and succession goals will enable us to create a plan WITH you to grow, steward, protect and ultimately transition your family wealth.

Insurance Review

All too often, a Family Financial Plan is fragmented into uncoordinated, disjointed pieces. A critical component to an integrated and comprehensive Family Financial Plan is a properly designed insurance plan. When properly designed, insurance coverage is tasked with answering two key questions:

  1. Do you know exactly what would happen to your family (and business) if you didn't wake up tomorrow? and,
  2. Do you know exactly what would happen to your family (and business) financially if you became disabled and could no longer work?

Death is the first and last financial planning issue. A properly designed life insurance portfolio is the foundation of a Family Financial Plan. The permanent or long-term disability of a family's “breadwinner” (much less THE breadwinner), can derail the best of financial plans. A sound and comprehensive disability income policy keeps a Family Financial Plan on track and on time.

Tax Planning

As the old adage says, “It's not about how much you make, it's about how much you keep.” ILG will coordinate with your tax advisors to ensure the tax proficiency of your Family Financial Plan and to make certain that all elements of the Family Financial Plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Estate Preservation

At ILG, Estate Planning is focused on the smooth, efficient transition of a family's Portfolio Of Assets. Integral components to an estate plan include:

  1. tax planning;
  2. business succession planning;
  3. estate balancing among beneficiaries;
  4. philanthropic planning;
  5. multi-generational strategies;
  6. special needs planning; and perhaps most importantly
  7. a regular review of both the plan and the continuing implementation/adjustment of the plan.

An ill-conceived estate plan can defeat generations of hard work and success.

Investment Advisory Services

ILG Private Wealth, Inc. is a fee-based Investment Advisor. The team at ILG will partner with you to design, implement and regularly review a customized investment strategy that, subject to your risk tolerance, supports your goals. To do so, ILG partners with investment advisors and portfolio managers that must regularly pass stringent monthly, quarterly and annual due diligence reviews. Our responsive investment solutions are built to anticipate and react to the markets, helping our clients stay on track for the long term, even as their circumstances change.

Property & Casualty Consulting

ILG partners with industry experts to analyze, evaluate and adjust our clients' personal and commercial property and casualty insurance coverage. Our goal is to guide our clients through the myriad of coverage available in an ever-changing marketplace to avoid gaps in coverage and to make certain they leverage the various discounts available through a properly designed plan.

Retirement Planning

Our clients focus on retirement planning many times throughout their lives, but one maxim holds true; “It's never too soon to begin saving (planning) for retirement”. A relatively recent phenomenon plaguing retirees is the distinct possibility of out-living one's retirement savings. Through the integration and coordination of both qualified and non-qualified retirement strategies, our goal is to make certain our clients enjoy the retirement they earned over a lifetime of work without being forced to make significant changes in lifestyle. Only through a comprehensive plan that is implemented early in the process and regularly monitored can we reach that goal.

Family Business Strategies

The primary role of the Family Business Strategist is to partner with family members and their trusted advisors in the development, implementation and regular monitoring of strategies designed to Grow, Protect and Transition a successful Family-Owned Business. The team at ILG acts in an overarching capacity to make certain that the expert plans of other trusted advisors are designed and implemented in an integrated and coordinated fashion so as to complement one another in the achievement of family goals. As trusted Family Business Strategists, our solutions are never “product driven”.

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