What We Do


We provide physicians, professional athletes, successful business owners, and single women of wealth with strategies integrated to implement our Castle-and-Moat Comprehensive proprietary Asset Protection Planning process. 

Some of these strategies include

  • Tax Avoidance and Mitigation Strategies
  • Strategically-Aligned Investment Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Business Growth and Succession Planning
  • Optimized Philanthropic Planning
  • Tactical Insurance Strategies
  • Business Valuation Consulting

While we typically focus on families with $3 Million to $30 Million of investable assets, we do make exceptions.  The only way to determine if we are a “Right Fit” for each other is to schedule a series of Right Fit Meetings.  During the two complimentary, no-obligation Right Fit Meetings, we will get to know you and your vision for the future.  By understanding your vision, we can develop a list of proposed priorities.  Through a list of priorities, we can work together to develop a set of goals. By the end of our second Right Fit Meeting, we will mutually determine if we are a Right Fit to work together, regardless of your investable assets. 

Yes, we can!  As a practicing tax attorney with over 35 years’ experience in private practice, we understand the vital importance of having an effective tax management plan.  Unlike a traditional broker-dealer we can and do provide you with the tax advice you so critically deserve.

Not only will we but we insist on doing so. Isolated advice from different advisors is like taking medications prescribed by different physicians.  The unintended side effects and interactions of multiple medications can be life threatening.  Likewise, one of the greatest threats to having an abundant retirement and an effective estate plan is getting fractured, isolated advice from your individual advisors.

We both love and hate this question but certainly understand why you might ask it. We believe that certain factions within the financial services industry have intentionally created consumer confusion around who is truly a fiduciary.  Please feel free download our “Are you a fiduciary?” article to learn more about our position on being a fiduciary. I am certain that you will quickly conclude that we are fiduciaries. 

The short answer is maybe. As a multifamily office, we understand that many of our clients reinvest most of their savings back into their family-owned company or real estate investments. Unlike a typical wealth manager, we have deep experience in working with successful entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses.  We have decades of experience with 1031 exchanges and developing business exit strategies.

You Can Expect

  • Experienced custom tax mitigation
  • High-touch, engaged interaction
  • A financial confidant & translator

We Don’t Do

  • Trendy, unproven strategies
  • Phone mazes or apathetic service
  • Commission-led recommendations

Success Should Be a Reward; Not a Penalty

We stand ready to help you unlock the power of your wealth and put it on track for dynamic growth. Our solutions are as unique as you are.