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Financial Planning

“Helping our clients manage every aspect of their financial lives.”

As a fiduciary to our clients, our goal is always to help our clients Grow, Protect and successfully Transition their wealth in a manner that provides consistent PIECE OF MIND. With the truly unique skillsets, talent and real-world experience assembled through the combined professionals at ILG Private Wealth, Financial Planning takes on a whole new meaning to our clients. Initially, ILG’s basic Financial Planning services include:

  • lifetime wealth forecast analysis;
  • risk analysis;
  • retirement planning; and, 
  • estate planning

However, for many of our clients, we realize that success and real wealth is not always defined by maximizing a client’s investment returns. Through our multi-family office services, we help our clients remember that a family financial plan involves complex choices related to:

  • risk comfort; 
  • time horizons; 
  • liquidity needs;
  • tax implications; 
  • multigenerational transfer concerns;
  • cash flow requirements; and, 
  • philanthropic goals. 

When a significant percent of a high-net-worth family’s overall wealth is represented by a closely-held business, ILG’s Financial Planning services also includes a plan to maximize the efficient transition of the family business. All family-owned businesses, whether represented by a manufacturing facility, extensive real estate investments, a professional practice or the various streams of revenue afforded to a professional athlete, are in transition. The ILG Financial Planning process helps our clients maximize the value of the family business and efficiently guide the transition process.