Underwhelmed By Your Current Financial Advisor? Try ILG Private Wealth

Underwhelmed By Your Current Financial Advisor? Try ILG Private Wealth

The financial world is bracing itself once more for a potential recession. With increased stock market volatility, many high-earning individuals see the jarring disconnect between what they were sold and what they received from their current financial advisors. As the economic landscape becomes increasingly volatile, the trust that is so important between investors and financial advisors has simply eroded. 

The belief that your advisor is a financial wizard and the master of growing wealth during Bull markets often crashes down to reality when Bear markets show their teeth. The key question arises: is your advisor capable of handling the challenges of significant market downturns?

Now more than ever, you need the right financial partner who understands the intricacies of market volatility and can navigate through it effectively to protect your hard-earned wealth. The question is, where can you find that type of financial expertise? 

Enter ILG Private Wealth, a Bonita Springs-based financial advisor that offers a refreshing and unique solution to this pressing concern.

More than just number-crunchers, the team at ILG Private Wealth takes a different approach. We focus on real-world financial planning tailored to your unique circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. We are also uniquely qualified as Florida tax attorneys with a deep understanding of tax planning strategies, ensuring that your financial plan is not just about wealth accumulation but also its preservation.

Setting the Scene: The Potential For A 2023 Recession

A recession can profoundly impact your wealth and financial planning needs, particularly among high-income and high-net-worth individuals.  Why?

In a recession, you may experience significant decreases in your net worth due to market volatility and declines in asset values. This volatility may prompt you to reassess your portfolios with a renewed focus on diversification designed for your exposure to investment risk.

You may also experience a reduction in your income if your profession is associated with an industry negatively impacted by a recession (pay cuts, terminations). Companies may also reduce dividends or stop bonus pools due to declines in company revenues. This reduction in income can necessitate reconsidering lifestyle and discretionary expenses to align them with new economic realities.

From a financial planning perspective, recessions underline the need for comprehensive risk management strategies. Wealthier individuals may consider increasing their liquid assets or investing more in alternative asset classes.  

Introducing ILG Private Wealth: Your Next-Generation Wealth Advisors

We recognize that those who have achieved substantial success and families with significant wealth need more than standard wealth management solutions. With more than 35 years of specialized experience in tax law, our commitment is to provide you with diversification strategies aimed at pursuing financial independence. 

At ILG Private Wealth, we believe in the following:

  • Collaborating with highly accomplished individuals and families, assisting them in the growth, protection, and succession of their wealth
  • Acting as dedicated fiduciaries, we take our duties and responsibilities to heart
  • Avoiding standardized, one-size-fits-all solutions that often fail to meet expectations in the long run. 
  • Steadfast independence by rejecting the ordinary for the extraordinary and always doing what is best for our clients.

ILGs Castle-and-Moat Wealth System™

The ILG Castle-and-Moat Wealth System™ is our exclusive safeguard for protecting our clients’ loved ones and assets. 

The ILG Castle and Moat Wealth System™ is our analogy for describing a robust and comprehensive financial strategy. The castle represents your accumulated wealth: hard-earned, valuable, and needing protection. The walls built around the castle and the moat that surrounds your walls, act as a multi-layered investment strategies that surround your castle, safeguarding your assets and your loved ones against potential financial calamities. The stronger the walls and the wider the moat, the harder it is for economic downturns or unexpected events to penetrate your financial security. 

Diversification, disciplined savings, and tactical investment strategies act as the crocodiles in your moat, fortifying it even more. The ILG Castle and Moat Wealth System™ encapsulates a wealth management approach that prioritizes protection, growth, and resilience in adversity.

Optimizing Tax Planning Strategies with ILG Private Wealth

Who would you rather have managing your financial future?  A financial professional with a solid 35-year background as an accomplished tax attorney and wealth advisor, or a financial advisor who has attended a few tax planning workshops?

As a prosperous family with complex financial requirements, you will likely opt for a seasoned wealth and tax professional capable of constructing a sophisticated tax management plan tailored to your needs.

By engaging the services of the ILG Private Wealth team, you’ll benefit from our Asset Protection Planning program, which encompasses an all-inclusive tax management plan devised to minimize unnecessary tax liabilities. Your tailored strategy may incorporate several tax-efficient strategies, including:

  • Strategic tax loss harvesting
  • Planning for marginal tax brackets
  • “Tax alpha” investment approaches
  • Investments with tax advantages
  • Multiple retirement income bucket strategies
  • 1031 exchanges
  • In-depth insurance planning
  • Spousal limited access trusts
  • Charitable lead and remainder trusts
  • Charitable annuities
  • And much more.

Why Switch to ILG Private Wealth?

At ILG Private Wealth, we’ve amassed invaluable knowledge from our extensive real-world experience. We firmly believe that the most enduring and efficient wealth management strategies—those that stand the test of time across multiple generations—stem from a comprehensive Asset Protection Plan.

When it comes to executing effective Asset Protection Planning, our firm can opt for one of three paths:

  1. Like sheep, we can join the multitude, adhering to simplistic, ineffectual tactics that have repeatedly jeopardized prosperous families’ wealth.
  1. We can let ourselves be manipulated by broker-dealers into becoming “asset gatherers” trained by product manufacturers to endorse products and strategies that primarily contribute to their bottom line, reaping the highest industry commissions. Adhering to buy and hold, riding it out, managing a 60/40 portfolio, and believing that a single insurance product will solve everything are mere echoes of past business practices.
  1. Or, we can choose to be fiercely independent, meticulously scrutinizing every potential opportunity and strategy to develop the most effective asset protection strategy for our clients. This implies being unyieldingly proactive in our analysis and evaluation of strategies, ready to pivot when circumstances require a course correction.

We choose to construct protective barriers around the people you hold dear and the wealth you’ve painstakingly amassed. We are here to safeguard you from those wealth predators that relentlessly circle your family, seeking to seize what you’ve so diligently built. We choose to be LIONS!

So, if you question the value of your current financial advisor, don’t just shrug off the concern. Instead, consider a consultation with ILG Private Wealth – your partner in navigating the realities of financial planning and your shield against the storm of economic uncertainty.

How to leverage real-world financial planning
John Iannucci, J.D., LLM

More about the author: John Iannucci, J.D., LLM

An experienced tax, business succession, and estate planning attorney, John was the director of the estate, retirement, and business planning departments of several law firms in Florida and Pennsylvania before forming ILG Private Wealth. John is passionate about protecting, growing, and successfully transitioning his clients’ wealth.

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